Student Parking on Main Campus

Kathleen High School allows students with a valid Florida Drivers License to park on campus during the school year. Students must complete the Student Parking Permit Application and provide all of the required documents to complete the process.

Student Parking Fee: $20/school year


  1. Complete Student Parking Permit Application including parent signature (please request a form from the front office)
  2. Copy of valid Florida Drivers License
  3. Copy of valid vehicle registration
  4. Copy of valid automotive insurance
  5. $20 cash

Student Parking Permits are processed in Student Services in the main office of the Administration Building.

  • The first 2 weeks they are available, they may be picked up in the cafeteria during lunches and after school in the main office.
  • After, they will be available from Mrs. Lampp or Mr. Lasseter in the front office.
  • CFAA, yours will be available from Mrs. Hesson before/after school or during lunch.