Each year the counselors go over the requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship with every student. This is the scholarship that is funded by the Florida Lottery. The information given on this page is current, but we advise that you click on the following link to visit the Florida Bright Futures Home Page and check to see if any changes have been made to the scholarships' criteria. The site will give you current information about Florida Academic Scholar, Florida Medallion Scholar, and Gold Seal Vocational Scholar requirements.

The Scholarships are based on a student's academic GPA computed by the State.

Please check Floridashines.org for the required test scores.

Residency in the State of Florida is mandatory. Students must be American Citizens to qualify for these awards.

The scholarship must be used in the State of Florida. Private colleges and universities accept the monies, but only receive the same amount that would be given to a public college or university.

Students should access their own Bright Futures statuses by logging onto Floridashines.org. All of our students have a username and password. PLEASE do not create a duplicate account.

*Bright Futures Application